• Mario


  • Xiaoyan Wu

    Xiaoyan Wu

  • Suraj Parmar

    Suraj Parmar

    Solving problems, one sense, at a time. #ML , “The best way to learn is to teach.” parmarsuraj99@gmail.com About: https://parmarsuraj99.github.io/suraj-parmar/

  • Fabian Bosler

    Fabian Bosler

    Founder of www.viteach.de — modern math education. EX-Consultant turned tech geek! Business intelligence, marketing, advanced analytics, and machine learning.

  • Juarez Junior

    Juarez Junior

    Azure Developer Relations Lead @ Microsoft. Invite me to speak about #Blockchain #IoT #AI #Java #Python #EmergingTechnologies #DevRel 🥑

  • Fabio Niephaus

    Fabio Niephaus

    Research Software Engineer and Ph.D. Student from Germany. Advancing the Polyglot Programming Experience.

  • Ilya Dmitrichenko

    Ilya Dmitrichenko

    DX @weaveworks

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